Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What's that?

Okay. So yesterday was well let's just say kind of a hectic day..and no one was really co operating much, and well momma was not in the best of moods either. And to top it off all the kids have really runny noses, and aren't up to par. But we made the best of it, screaming/ yelling..etc. ( They were pretty loud at times yesterday). Anyways, back to the story. So after the day of chaos, I decided to get the kids ready for a walk and then stop by the park..all was well till we tried to find Kaye's shoes..yeah 40 minutes later..NOT KIDDING YOU. We finally were able to leave. I took every one's drink with us and a bottle of water for myself and it had Crystal Light in it. Makayla has witnessed me do this before but without any questions. Well this time she had questions.
" Mom..What's that stuff you put in there?" I replied: " It's just stuff to make my drink taste better and well hopefully to help mommy lose some weight."
Makayla's response: " Oh I don't think your fat mom".
Of course I said Oh thanx Mack.
So we ventured off, went to the park, came home, and when we got in the driveway I pulled out the bottle of water said took a few swigs. And Makayla saw me..and said ...get this...
My response: " Well I chuckled first, then said well thanx Mack, and said Oh how I wish it worked that way." Wouldn't that be nice..a miracle drink.
Funny how in the beginning of the night she said I wasn't fat, but then after the drink she said your not fat anymore. HHMMM..Who else is not telling me the truth???
Anyways thought this was a cute little story to tell.


Anonymous said...

LOL...that was a very cute story!!

my4kids said...

Very cute story! Kids are funny.
I sympathise with the shoe thing. Madison is notorius for losing her shoes the first thing I have to do with her in the morning even before getting dressed is to start looking for her shoes! She has several pairs but it always seems just one shoe is missing...

Elle said...

LOL that's sweet... if only it was that easy huh?

Melanie said...

I saw your blog over at my4kids and had to check you out because of the cute name!
That is such a cute story. Kids say the funniest things!