Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh it got Hot !

So you think you had a bad Monday!! Try this on for size. For starters my oldest daughter has been off for a week now with Strep throat ~ and now an ear infection...so she just HAD to stay home yesterday too...which just adds to all the fun in the house hold. My day went as usual cleaned..tried to do some work..which didn't work, cleaned...cleaned..etc..you get the just of it now. So At 4:00 I started supper..put a Shepard's pie in the oven, placed peas in a pot, peeled some potatoes~put em' in a pot. And watched away as it cooked. Mike arrived home around 4:30 ish yesterday (MIRACLE in itself ), and well around 5:30 everything was rip roaring ready to eat so I was just ready to turn off some burners when : BEEP BEEP BEEP occurred all the fire alarms started going off at once..OMG and I thought our kids were loud..WRONG. ( Well actually they are ). Anyways..we started going around turning off all the friggen alarms only to have them turn right back on..this made me really wonder~then smoke started billowing out into the kitchen and all of a sudden flames started shooting up out of a burner...I had no idea what the heck to do. So I had an empty pudding cup..you know one that the kids had just thrown on the counter after finishing it. And Mike and I said just start throwing water on it..we didn't know! So I did! And well then flames started shooting out the back of the stove..by this time I think my heart stopped..and well it must have resuscitated it self cause Mike didn't. So then Mike says Where are the keys I'm gonna drive to my truck to get my fire extinguisher...I yell UUMM NO your not! YOu will be forever! IT would have been like 2 minutes tops..but we all know what a fire can do in 2 minutes a lot of damage..so I yelled at him to get on the phone and call 911. And he did. SO as Mike is on the phone with the dispatcher.. Im yelling in the background at the kids~ GET DOWN STAIRS~GET OUTSIDE NOW NOW NOW NOW....GET ON THE SIDEWALK..then I saw Mike go out after them and he shoved them with a neighbour..( Thanks Bonnie ). As I looked around at our house we had just moved into I had so many flashbacks of memories and dreams running through my brain..and thought all over a stove we are gonna lose it all.I noticed the flames were diminishing by this time but smoke filled the air so thick I was having trouble breathing..so I decided to get out. But don't get me wrong I was picking up stuff as I walked out and throwing it in a corner or somewhere not to be seen. I just stepped out side and Flashing lights galore along with sirens just a singing down our street.Well we stopped traffic in a hurry. As the firemen and woman started shuffling off and out of their trucks they gathered up the large water hose and headed into smoke villa. I heard the one fire fighter says as she opened the door..It's pretty smokey in here. I stood on our driveway as our kids watched all the ( excitement in their eyes) the trucks etc... and saw so much happening at once. Finally everyone was finished and came out of our house and said you did the right thing by calling us...your stove was the problem for sure, we heard it was a short and we also heard it was a partial grease fire too. I want to mention that when we moved here the stove part of the deal and was placed here by the previous owners which was also owned by someone else before that. So....we actually should have looked it over a lot more before we used it as whenever we cooked on the stove it always had a very odd smell to it. Hence the fire huh! So mu guess is whoever had it first must have had a bit of grease and crap on the middle part of the stove just under the burners.
After all was said and done we went back into our smokey stricken home, and saw a stove half torn apart with char marks on it and a stench that will not leave the air. We are thankful that we are all ok, and also that it was only the stove and not our entire home. There is only one good thing that came out of this we get a new stove now. Please keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen somewhere as you just don't know.


my4kids said...

Oh how scary! I'm glad everyone is okay. We had an experience like that when I was a kid. We were living in a Navy housing lodge waiting for a house to open up for us and the stove cought fire. My tiny little mom and the even tinier neighbor lady had to try to carry this huge extinguisher from the hall. We have always kept a smaller more managable one in the kitchen just in case!

partyoffour said...

Who wants a fire extinguisher for Christmas?

Jethro, Squirt and Mel said...

I am glad everyone is safe and that things didn't get as bad as they could have been. You are all very lucky.