Monday, November 26, 2007

Tired of sickness

Almost every year we encounter some type of illness...but WEEKLY!! This is just retarded. It's either Mike and I or one or all of the kids that have something now~such a shame that we wish our children to learn and excel in school when really all the get is run down ~ yet hardier immune systems from it instead. From Strep snotty the flu and diarrhea and now fevers and chills with a tight feeling in his chest yet another bug takes over this house and consumes all of our energy. Geez after that stove fire last week I kinda thought that some bugs would have diminished..nope. I guess all we can do is look ahead..there will be an end in sight for these colds / flu bugs.....won't there??

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D said...

Mentally challenged Sis. We don't say retarded anymore.